Fat meltingtank is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304 CrNİ. Jacketed, insulated andwater-Heating coil and is designed to be appropriate. Margarine vegetable oil melting my tank in the from of melting 20kg block is designed in accordance with, the inner tank is designed to block margarines. Holding the desired melting temperature of the water between 60C-80C is provided. Transfer pump with level control and can print the desired extent. Water thermostat-controlled heating 9kw. Has CE and 9001 quality.


Kapasite 500 kg
Motor gücü 0,37 kw
Su transfer motoru 0.25 kw
Güç 10 kw
En 120 cm
Boy 180 cm
Yükseklik 100 cm