5 mold tunnel is desingned to be side by side. The tunnel is used by its own electrical box. Collected in the cooling system has been designed asdual-capacity 24,000 kcal. Dir. Cihazlıdır tape speed control. Belt speed can be adjusted as 1-5 meters. The tunnel is completely air-cooled. Centrifugal fan 2 x Nicotra type used in the tunnel. Condenser used in the tunnel 200 m2. Isolate food grade material coated with polyurethane or CrNİ Tunnel. The tunnel shape of the building, according to the desired width and length can be designed. Tunnel assembly, disassembly and is designed for installation into 3 pieces. Has CE nad ISO 9001 quality.


Tünel soğutma boyu 16 m
Ğüç 25 kw
En 130 cm
Boy 1600 cm
Yükseklik 135 cm